Discover the History of Eyelash Tinting

We explore the origins of eyelash tinting and why it remains an incredible treatment in the modern day.

For millions (yes millions!) of years, humans have been darkening their lashes for the illusion of a long, thick and full set.

Ancient civilisations, most famously the ancient Egyptians, darkened their lashes with ‘kohl’, a substance made by grinding lead sulphide into a powder and mixing it into oil. 

Meanwhile, South Asian cultures created ‘kajal’ by blending ash with castor oil. Later down the line, Europeans used sulfuric acid, saffron and even the soot from fireplaces! 

What is eyelash tinting in the modern day?

Nowadays, eyelash tinting is a process of applying a safe, semi-permanent vegetable dye to your eyelashes. It gives the most incredible volume and colour to your lashes. Experience a hassle-free way to stay looking fabulous throughout the day and into the night, all day every day. 

Your Marco Benito technician will apply a special mild, semi-permanent dye onto your lashes, leaving it to develop before revealing a flawless set of defined eyelashes that widen and brighten your eyes. The treatment is entirely pain-free – you’ll even find yourself lying back and relaxing into it!

Why should I get my eyelash tinting?

Eyelash tinting will make a huge difference to your appearance and lifestyle. No more faffing about with the mascara wand in the early hours of the morning – eyelash tinting allows you to literally get up, go out, and look flawless. Oh, and get ready to say goodbye to under-eye smudging, flaking and running.

Eyelash tinting gives you similar effects as when you use mascara, giving you noticeably thicker, darker and longer eyelashes effortlessly. 

How long will my tinting treatment take?

Your eyelash tinting appointment will last between 10 and 15 minutes.

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