Welcome to Marco Benito, the multi-award-winning home of masterful beauty treatments which leave you feeling on top of the world. The post-treatment glow that our customers get after a visit to our salon is something we call #ThatBenitoFeeling. This means different things to different people – empowered, effortless, reinvigorated, and elegant to name a few!

Since 1993, we have shaped, trimmed, filed, painted, plucked, and massaged our way into our customer’s hearts. Innovation is our middle name, and we are dedicated to always providing the best treatments which make our clients feel the absolute best!

The team at Marco Benito want everyone to feel like a true masterpiece. That’s why we listen to what you specifically want from your treatment, tailoring our techniques to bring out the most fabulous version of you. From beautiful brows and neat nails to luxurious lips and lashes, you can relax knowing that you are in amazing hands.

Discover what the Benito Feeling means for you.