Korean beauty: what is it and what's all the hype about?

Let’s talk all about K-beauty, and the Marco Benito treatments you can get to follow the philosophy

Korean beauty or K-beauty has been taking the beauty world by storm for a good while, and for good reason. It goes beyond a trend to more of a philosophy – a lifestyle, even. The primary principle of Korean beauty is about respecting your skin, stripping it back to basics and letting your natural beauty do the talking. K-beauty is all about gently nurturing your skin, caring for it from the core in order to achieve long-lasting results and flawless skin. It just makes sense!

Korean beauty brands like Laneige and Sulwhasoo are all about clean beauty and creating products that refresh and treat the skin. These K-beauty products are booming, and it’s clear why. Gone are the days of applying layers of harsh products to the skin that do more harm than good – the philosophy of Korean beauty is the present and the future of skincare.

At Marco Benito, as much as we love an OTT set of nails or lashes we also love the K-beauty philosophy of deeply nourishing and respecting the skin. It’s the sort of principle that we incorporate into our manicure and pedicure treatments as well as our waxing services here at our salons.

The health benefits of such treatments are incredible. Let’s take manicures and pedicures. Getting regular manicures and pedicures have a loaaad of incredible results for your body, including:

1. Improved nail health

We use our hands and feet every day – they get us through our everyday lives. Manis and pedis not only leave you with perfect-looking hands and feet but also provide a deep clean and freshen up. Removal of dead skin cells promotes the growth of new ones, the not-so-secret ingredient to achieving strong and healthy nails. What’s more, they reduce the risk of any infections occurring. So, a regular trip to Marco Benito will improve your health as well as giving you beautiful nails!

2. Boosted circulation

A manicure and pedicure isn’t complete without a little massage. And whilst this feels amazing, it’s also amazing for your circulation. Having good circulation helps to heal wounds faster, keeps your heart healthy, keeps your brain function on-point, and even gives you a glowy, rosy complexion. 

3. Keeps your hand and feet smooth and flawless

Marco Benito manicures and pedicures exfoliate and mousturise the skin and treat your cuticles to some TLC. Getting these treatments regularly, especially during the winter months where things get a bit dry, is super important for avoiding cracked, dry skin on your hands and feet.


So those are the benefits of manicures and pedicures for improving your skin health, something which Korean beauty is all about.

Another Marco Benito treatment that is great for your skin health is waxing. As well as reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and eliminating shaving rash and itching, waxing also works to exfoliate the skin. A build-up of dead skin cells and other dirt can cause you to break out, get blemishes and experience dryness. Waxing helps to remove this, leaving you with smooth, refreshed and radiant skin.

At Marco Benito, we love the K-beauty philosophy and we are all about improving your skin health from head to toe. Without a beautiful base, you can’t get that flawless finish. Book your manicure, pedicure, or waxing treatment with us today to give your skin and nails the love they deserve!