How 'Euphoria' Has Taken The Beauty World By Storm With Nail Art.

The iconic manicures of the show, and where to get yours now with Marco Benito.

It is to no surprise that with the release of Season 2 of the iconic TV show ‘Euphoria’, the stars have influenced us all with our future style choices. From fashion, to hairstyles, to nails. Euphoria offers the viewers an intense and dramatic plot, but also complete nail envy, and it is time to acknowledge the show’s manicure credentials. Nail artist Natalie Minerva is the wizard behind the show’s iconic manicures, stating her art is “speaking to the generational pop-culture thing that’s happening right now. “People care about nails, and they’re being more exploratory with nail art in general. It’s not forever, you wear your nails for just two or three weeks to express yourself. It’s like a tattoo, but not permanent — and to me, that’s beautiful.”

‘Euphoria’ has successfully revived the popularity of acrylic nails and we are here for it. The show’s protagonists Maddy, Cassie, and Kat all have iconic nail looks and themes throughout the series, with each character given deliberate nail art to match their character. Cassie, a baby-pink manicure lined with diamonds; delicate and very feminine, like her. Kat wears a holographic green French tip matching her makeup looks. Maddy’s nails change — and become more of a focal point — with each new episode. The show is prevalent in highlighting the power of beauty treatments and how fashion choices are a statement in showing off your personality in whichever way you desire. 

A natural nail is a timeless classic, and Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney, known in the show as Cassie, carries the look with her from start to finish. The naturalistic look, with an occasional sparkle is minimalist, but classy. It is a look that goes with any outfit, any time of the year, on any individual. This nail art motif is one for the moment, with a more simplistic manicure being extremely popular in 2022. Nudes and natural French tips are here to reign!

The euphoric big and bold nail art, chromatic finishes and gemstone embellishments manicures are not for the faint-hearted. With the natural nail look recently thriving, we love that ‘Euphoria’ has resurrected the other end of the nail art spectrum. Bright and loud and we love it. Characters from the show who rock this beautifully bold look, Maddy and Kat, are truly iconic for having us fall back in love with this trend. ‘Euphoria’ encourages creativity and self expression through bold nail art, and the process of conceptualising and creating intricate designs is an experience Minerva describes as meditative.


From iconic acrylics to bold colours and bejewelled looks. ‘Euphoria’ has amplified the potential extravagance of manicures, and the Marco Benito team are here for it. We are here to help our customers express their style and personality through your nail art choices, and we have fabulous nail technicians to bring your nail fantasies to life. Do not hesitate, book with us today and release your inner Cassie or Maddy!