From Super-Plucked to Luscious Lamination, Let’s Explore Eyebrow Trends Throughout The Decades

Let's take a look at the different eyebrow trends over the years! Which is your favourite?


With the ever-changing world of beauty and the power of social media keeping us constantly on top of the trends, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that eyebrows are a hot topic. It is safe to say that tampering with and enhancing our features is nothing new, and it definitely doesn’t stop when it comes to our eyebrows. Over the decades, there has been an overwhelmingly large brow spectrum, with trends that vary from pencil-thin to big and fluffy, to au naturale. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest and boldest brow trends over the decades.

The 1920s – Plucked and Pencil-Thin

Through the extravagance of the roaring 20s and the phase of the silent films, a very particular shaped brow was all the rage. The popularity of silent films meant the vast encouragement of facial expressions, so a thin, refined, slightly downward-facing eyebrow was favoured. It was used to heighten the visible expressions of the actresses and exaggerate emotion.

The 1930s – Highbrow

Inspired by the actress Jean Harlow, the removal of brows became insanely popular. Drawn on eyebrows mimicked the eye socket and exaggerated the arches. 

The 1940s- Bacall Brow

During the 1940s, as the war continued women chose to opt for a low maintenance brow. They would let their natural brows grow and continue to define their arches. 

The 1950s – Hollywood Brow

The inspiration from Hollywood and film stars continued to influence the world of beauty. Starlets began customising their own unique brows like Marilyn Monroe. She was well known for her ‘diva arches’

The 1960s – Audrey Hepburn

Flower power was the era where the impact of the brow took a slight back seat, as the eye makeup was the main event. Thick eyeliner and spiky lashes meant eyebrows became a frame for the face, rather than a focal point like in previous decades. This was the era where experimental beauty emerged and women would remove their brows and replace it with bold and bright colours! 

The 1970s – Disco Fever

Big hair, bright makeup, and Saturday Night Fever took over the decade of the 70s. Similar to the 60s, eyebrows were not the stars of the show, but naturally-groomed brows made a swift return. Women would vary between short and thin, to thicker and darker brows.

The 1980s – Brooke Shields Vibes

It was the famous Brooke Shields who typified the eyebrow deal of the 80s. Big, bushy, and unruly was the way to go, as less preened brows meant you were on trend! This was the time au naturel was embraced to its fullest form. 

The 1990s – Light Heroin Chic

Forget the big bushy bold brows! The trend through the 90s took inspiration all the way back from the 60s, reviving the thinned out, shortened plucked look. Fear of stray hairs were a thing of the past as the neat brow soared in popularity, with celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Kate Moss keeping on top of the brow trend!

 The 2000s – Barely There Brows!

If you thought the 90s were the era of the thin brow, the 2000s made them even thinner!  This decade saw women around the world plucking their eyebrows to the point of irreversible damage. Also, the use of brow pencils would truly highlight how thin eyebrows were during this time. Celebs like Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani were the troopers when this trend was at its peak.

The 2010s and 2020s – The Resurrection of the Natural Brow 

With the likes of Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian bringing back the natural brow, they have encouraged finding what brow style and shape fits you. Through the decades there have been some very whacky, over the top fads and trends when it comes to beauty. In modern day, women are using their own natural features and personal styles to determine their own individual brow look that works for them!

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