From The Experts: How To Find The Best Brow Shape For Your Face.

Unsure which brow shape will suit you? We’re here to unlock the secrets to perfect brows!

Like most things, there is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to  incredible brows. Taking an individual approach to brows like we do here at Marco Benito is super important, and it’s how we give our clients incredible Benito Brows every time. Whether it’s threading, microblading or lamination, we’ve perfected many a brow over the years!

According to celebrity brow artist Kelley Baker, finding the best brow shape for you depends on your face shape. Just as we all have unique eyes, unique smiles, unique hands, we also have unique face shapes.

Identifying your face shape is the first step to getting the flawless brows you always wanted that fit your face perfectly. Check out this article for help finding your face shape.

Let’s dive into our tips for finding the best eyebrows for your face shape that we use on the daily to give those head-turning brows!

Round Shaped

 Creating an arched brow is a great way to lift and open the eyes for a rounded face. Oprah’s Brow God Damone Roberts says “The rounder the face, the higher the arch to add length. But I do caution against going overboard, which tends to make one appear stern and angry.”  Oprah is a woman of inspiring words and inspiring brows!

Audrey brow

Square Shaped

If you have a square-shaped face, subtle rounded brows are the way to go. Barker says “When you have an angular face, we would soften the brows and round them out a little bit, or soften them and give more of a shorter Audrey Hepburn boy brow,”  Find some brow-spiration for a square-shaped face by looking at celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Shay Mitchell.

Rectangle Shaped

Those angles! Straight brows are the best choice for a ragtangle-shaped face. “As soon as brows start to look too angled, they age people. I always like a softer shape to keep a more youthful look in the face,” says Baker. Who doesn’t want an fresh-faced look just by changing your brow shape? Sarah Jessica Parker is a great example of how brows can help you looking youthful with a rectangle-shaped face.

Oval Shaped

 If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re matching with Queen B herself! Beyonce has an oval face shape and “Flawless” eyebrows. Oval shaped faces have similar qualities to long and round faces. When thinking about your brow shape, opt for a “defined brow with a subtle arch. Just not too extreme,” suggests Roberts.

Heart Shaped

For heart-shape face brow inspo, look no further than Kourtney Kardashian. Roberts explains that “A heart-shaped face should have the least of an arch, as you don’t want to add more length. Keep it on the straighter side, which shortens the face.”

Diamond Shaped

If you have this face shape, achieving the perfect brow shape will make you ‘shine bright like a diamond’ just like rihanna who also has a diamond-shape face! Due to having lots of room to work with, this face shape can take on a number of different brow shapes.  One brow top tip  that Roberts has for a diamond face shape is “Not too defined, with a nice arch.”

At Marco Benito, our technicians are experts in perfecting those brows the Benito way. Our bespoke approach means that we assess your face shape and work out exactly the right brow shape to fit your face and bring out your features. Whether you need some tidying up and reshaping with our eyebrow threading treatment, impactful and insta-worthy brows with lamination, or creating definition and fullness via microblading, you’ll leave our salon with incredible Benito Brows every time.