Lash Lifts: How they work and why you should get it done!

Ever wondered how a lash lift works? We’re here to spill the tea on exactly how Marco Benito can give you those luxurious lifted lashes!

Have you found yourself pondering how the process of a Benito Lash Lift happens? Well, this one-hour wonder lash treatment is very simple and has great results of lashes lasting up to 6 weeks. Here is our step-by-step guide of how we achieve your “I woke up like this” lashes.

With any kind of beauty treatment, there are steps to follow, rules to know, and procedures to take to make sure your chosen treatment is successful, safe, and stunning. Here is a little insight and step-by-step guide to our Lash Lifting technique to show you how the Benito bunch really work their magic. 

Step 1

An eyelash consultation is up first to see what type of lash lift you are after. Then the process begins by ensuring the eye is clean with no traces of make up.

Step 2

The next step is fitting the under-eye pad are then  fitted, and an eye shield is measured and stuck in place. This is where you can really start to relax and enjoy your  treatment.

Step 3

A lash adhesive is applied to the shield. The Lash Lifting Tool is then used to help lift the lashes and stick them to the shield. 

Step 4

Now, this might look scary, but trust us it’s not! The pink formula you see is Lifting Lotion to help those lashes lift into the perfect flutter. This creates the flair in those lashes! The lotion is left on for up to 15 minutes then removed with cotton wool.

Step 5

Don’t be alarmed (again!). This blue stuff is the fixing lotion and it’s what makes the lashes last up to 6 weeks. It is applied for up to 15 minutes then removed the same way as the Lifting Lotion.

Step 6

We promise this is the last false alarm! This is the tint being applied, which makes your lashes look like they are coated in mascara once it’s been applied. After around 3 to 5 minutes, your lashes are darkened and given that beautifully natural thickness and flair!

Step 7

Now it is time to remove the tint or any signs of excess product with a damp cotton bud.

Step 8

And after a short lash nap, you have got the perfect Lash Lift! Flutter your way through the day for the next 6 weeks! 

Happy lashes, happy life! Visit us today at Marco Benito to get your own set of luscious, natural-looking lashes that you’ll be proud to call yours. Book your Lash Lift Treatment today!