How to Make Selfcare in 2022 Your Priority

Look after yourself this year by adding a little bit of 'That Benito Feeling'

More and more, we are learning the value of self-care for our mental and physical wellbeing. Self-care comes in all shapes and sizes, from spending time with family, friends and pets (we can’t forget our furry friends!) all the way to changing up your look.

Prioritising your wellbeing is the single most important action you can take this year. In turn, it will help you to be healthy, strong and be there for those around you in the best way. Moreover, there is nothing more rewarding for those who truly want you to succeed than to see you bloom into your full potential.

At Marco Benito, we make wellbeing our priority and are always looking to give our clients That Benito Feeling. Our approach is designed to nurture and relax, and we love talking all about what it means to be mindful and how to guide yourself through life. Feeling empowered and confident in your own skin starts from within.

It has been a tough year for mental health, so this blog is here to reassure you that you are in a safe space. Listed below are a few ways to get That Benito Feeling and overcome any hurdle you may face.

Listen to your Body

Our bodies are magnificent things that carry us through the toughest challenges day in and day out. So why do we beat ourselves up over the simplest things? Our bodies are our superpower, so we must nurture and care for them in every way we can.

Fill yourself with nutritious foods when your body is hungry. If you do not feel like going to the gym tonight, you simply do not have to. You could try some stretches at home instead, or even do nothing at all! Or if your nails are not looking their best, come to see us at Marco Benito – we’ll help you to feel more on top of things and get your sparkle back one step at a time.

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Speak Up

Whatever emotions you have building up inside you, it’s super important to talk to someone about how you are feeling. We are told time and time again that staying silent and letting our feelings consume us will not solve any problems we are facing, and this couldn’t be more true. Find comfort in speaking out and know that others around you are most likely going through something similar.

Here at Marco Benito, our treatments help to contribute to your self-care journey. It’s amazing how something like a simple brow shape and tint can give strength to your inner voice. Many interesting discussions and secrets have been shared at our nail stations over the years. We love chatting with you as we perfect your nails, brows, lashes, and skin – we’re always all ears!

Prioritise your Happiness

Making yourself your number one priority is the most effective way to improve your wellbeing and is the highest form of self-care. Society is full of pressures and external voices of opinion that can take their toll on your headspace.

Do your best to not listen to negative messages: follow your own path to becoming happy and learning what that truly means for you. Making sure you evolve at the hands of your own happiness is the best feeling imaginable and is so important for self-care.

Self-care is good for your mental health

Whatever it is that you define as self-care, bettering yourself is always going to be beneficial for your mental health. It could be going for walks by yourself, reading your favourite book for the third time in your local coffee shop, or using your paycheck to get those Benito brows you’ve wanted for months. Doing what makes you happy in the name of self-care will only push your mental health in the right direction.

Feeling polished on the outside can often make you feel more polished on the inside. Simply getting your nails freshly painted or a new set of lashes can boost you up and make you feel on top of the world. We call it That Benito Feeling, and our clients can’t get enough of it!

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