Brow Lamination: What is it, and where should I get it done?

Brow Lamination: What Is It, And Where Should I Get It Done? Discover the latest brow craze shaking up the beauty world, and come and discover it for yourself at Marco Benito. • Brow Lamination is becoming increasingly popular due to the ‘au naturel’ eyebrow trend. • It volumises sparse brows by combing out any […]

Brow Tinting 101: The Benefits

Brow Tinting 101: The Benefits Why should you get brow tinting and what does it involve? • The newest trend in brows is Brow Tinting as we’re seeing more and more people wanting to go for more natural-looking brows. • Not only do you get a full and voluminous look, but your brows are also given […]