The Best Hair Removal Remedy: Waxing Away Your Worries.

Get super-smooth results that last with a Marco Benito wax.

Waxing. Even reading the work aloud can cause some people to flinch. The truth is the actual thought of waxing is much worse than the treatment itself, especially when done by professionals.

Waxing is a fabulous treatment that can be very beneficial for your skin and rids you of the stress of regrowth. No need to shave every few days, which can be extremely tedious, time-consuming, and can be very costly due to having to constantly buy new razors.

Waxing doesn’t have to be so daunting, and here at Marco Benito we want to reassure you that our waxing treatments leave every customer happy and hair-free! We take great care to soothe your skin afterwards for minimal discomfort.

A waxing treatment from Marco Benito gives an enviably smooth skin surface by removing hairs from the root. Sticky wax is applied over the area you desire to be waxed, encasing each individual hair and lifting them out follicle by follicle. It is time to put down the razors and get incredible, long-lasting results with no hassle at all! 

 We know the pain of cheap blunt razors and the upheaval they can cause you, all for your hair to only grow back a day later! Waxing removes the hair from the follicle which massively increases the regrowth period. It also has the added benefit of light exfoliation as the treatment removes dead skin cells from the skin’s surface along with the hairs. New hair will not grow back in the waxed area for four to six weeks.

Our Benito technicians only use the best products, specially formulated to avoid skin irritation. We offer a range of waxing treatments to keep you smooth from head to toe:


  •       Full leg 
  •       Half leg 
  •       Underarm
  •       Knuckles 
  •       Half arm 
  •       Full arms 
  •       Modest bikini 
  •       Deep modest bikini
  •       Brazilian
  •       Hollywood
  •       Full leg and modest bikini 
  •       Full leg and Brazilian 
  •       Full leg and Hollywood 
  •       Chest 
  •       Stomach
  •       Buttocks
  •       Buttock line
  •       Back
  •       Lower back
  •       Naval
  •       Full body 

Wherever and whatever you would like waxed, the team at Marco Benito are here to offer you a helping hand. 

Wax away your worries and pay us a visit at your local Benito Salon today!